Working With Kids on Sets

Part of why we started The Girls With Glasses Show, was to have a working environment that could be pro-family. At the time we had no kids, but we knew the time would come. Fast forward to today. Working on set and having the kids around is something we love and are so grateful for. It can get difficult at times, but there a few tips, and methods that we do to make sure that filming goes as smoothly, as possibly. That may not always be the case, since kids will be kids, but having this key methods definitely has helped us as working moms. 

  • Have a babysitter while filming.
  • Having a babysitter on set is extremely beneficial. We are able to get through filming a bit quicker. We do make time to spend with the little ones in between takes, but having someone who can take care and give them attention while we film is something we are grateful for.
  • Make a kid space
  • Making a space or an area for the children to play at it is important. You don;t want to enclose the kids in area where they feel uncomfortable. Have a space where they can have a bit of fun.
  • Work around your toddler/baby’s schedule. 
  • During our filming, we actually had the kids come out in some scenes. Working around their schedule was extremely important. We didn't want cranky or hungry kids on film. We had to make sure they were happy and okay to be on film.
  • Take advantage of nap time.
  •  Now this was important for them to be happy, and also give the babysitter a bit of a break. This also made filming go faster without any distractions.
  • Supportive spouse 
  • Our husbands were so supportive which makes our jobs so much better. They are backbone to The Girls With Glasses Show, and having their support is the reason why we can keep filming our videos. They take over with the kids while we film overtime.

We hope this article helps anyone trying to balance work and home. It isn't easy, it's part planning, and part going with the flow. And I can't pretend we have been perfect. We have had melt downs, and days of not getting stuff done, but you have to live and learn.