Who Wants Cheesecake?

We were super excited when The Cheesecake Factory reached out about doing a sponsored post. They invited us to try a few of their newest menu items, and get an exclusive look into their prep kitchen, to see how they prepare over 250 meal items fresh each day. Of course, we said yes. They had us at cheesecake!

    We showed up early, maybe the first time in GWG history, and were really excited to get to meet Chief Culinary Officer, Donald Moore. His passion for making the highest quality, fresh food, and taking classic foods we love, and giving it a signature twist, was contagious. They let us try food as they were making it. Of course when they offered us each spoon full of hot mashed potatoes we didn’t say no, they are whipping them up from real potatoes from sun up to sun down Literally the cook fires up the kitchen at 6am! We had no idea EVERY MEAL on the menu was made fresh from scratch each day in-house. Every sauce & dressing (over 160!), every soup, every veggie chopped, every burger hand formed, EVERYTHING! (everything but the cheesecake which is made in a special cheesecake kitchen offsite.)
You can view our story, on our instagram to see some more of the highlights, which included Summer making a Cinnamon Roll Pancake (served for brunch on Saturdays and Sundays), and Brooke tried her hand at hand-rolling one of their signature Avocado Egg Rolls (harder than it looks, an art form!). We also ate more than we thought humanly possible and we aren’t sorry, it was delicious! haha! Also they made a special menu with our name on it and it basically felt like we finally made it in the world, lol. 
Best New Menu Item:
Summer: The Lasagna Verde is amazing, and so flavorful. The house-made tomato-mushroom sauce is unbelievable, you don’t have to be a vegetarian to love this dish.
Brooke: The Roadhouse Sliders won my heart and my taste buds. Hands down the best thing I ate on the table. It’s nothing flashy, just executed with utter perfection. I’m all about the buns. The flavor was unreal. Oh, and don’t forget to #putapickle on it, trust me 😉

Best Classic Item:

Summer: The avocado egg rolls are sublime.

Brooke: I will always love Chicken Madeira!

Favorite Salad:

Summer: I LOVE the BBQ Chicken Ranch Salad, I swear I don’t get it just to eat the amazing onion rings on the top. The whole thing is amazing, and Kerry and I can share it, it’s that big!

Brooke: I tried the Vegan Cobb for the first time, and with my mention of the roadhouse sliders, you know I don’t limit myself to a vegan diet, but sometimes I just love eating a clean meal full of fresh vegetables, and this fits that description to a T! I was very impressed, with this hearty salad tossed in a light but flavorful dressing. Also, 9 times out of 10, I will order the Tossed Greens salad, because I’m all about that ranch.
Special Mentions:
Summer: I have to mention those cinnamon roll pancakes. You’d think they’d be super heavy, and too sweet, but they have really perfected the light, airy texture. I’ve been spending way too much time thinking about them.
Brooke: On the skinny menu there are these Steak Medallions. They are tender tasty pieces of steak on a bed of their mashed potatoes, surrounded by cherry tomatoes and asparagus. I couldn’t believe that the whole dish is under 400 calories! My mind was blown! Truly and amazing meal for such a small amount of calories!
Best Cheesecake:
Summer: Mine has always been the Godiva Chocolate Cheesecake with Extra Whipped Cream, but Brooke introduced me to the Banana Creme Cheesecake, which I’ve been on a Banana Creme Pie kick, so it hit the spot, and might’ve dethroned the Godiva one, will have to see next trip…
Brooke: I’m glad that Summer is on board with me on the Banana Creme Cheesecake, anytime I go with anyone to Cheesecake Factory I insist order one for the table, even the traditional non-banana creme lovers can’t deny it! It’s like eating a cloud, it’s so light and delicious. In second place is the less-light and more decadent Adams Peanut Butter Ripple Fudge, before Banana Creme came around, this was my go-to, and because it’s so intense, I’d eat a few bites after dinner and take it home for midnight snacks. And coming in third place is Key Lime, another classic pie that just taste so refreshing. Simple but super satisfying and perfect after a big meal when you want something sweet but not over the top!
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