We’re Getting A Trailer! Nope, We’re Not.

This video is actually bitter sweet. We started out at California Chicken Cafe, not to be confused with California Pizza Cafe. This one has more chicken, and no pizzas. Brooke and I both have really early memories of moving to Los Angeles, and grabbing food here in between auditions and gigs. We had a great time there, especially because the Canoga Park location has a spiffy new remodel. Then we’re off to check out this cool Airstream, that we wanted to turn into an office. Here’s where the bitter part happens. After we said yes, and have been going back and forth trying to figure out title and payment, we were ready to pick it up, when they decided to keep it! What?! it’s kind of a bummer, cause we were super excited, but to be honest, I kept waking up around 3 in the morning stressed out about finding so many vintage pieces that were in bad shape, like the windows, doors, that M on airstream… We’re hoping to find one that isn’t quite as rough. Let us know if you know of anyone selling one!!

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