How to make a Planter

You may remember this little step by step photo DIY that we did for a much smaller version of this much larger urn planter. Summer and I also gave a demo of it at the SLC Home and Garden show, that was a fun (and funny) experience. We finally got around to creating a video for it, and think it’s the perfect DIY for this time of year. Though I thought of it at Christmas time and wanted to make them to put some smaller trees in to flank each side of my chalkboard, but with all the hustle and bustle it never happened. Here we are in June, and we give it a summer twist. It is totally easy, fairly inexpensive and a cheery detail that brightens up my front door! Check it out!

Also Note, for this video I used the Dap Strong Stik, it was my first time trying the product and unfortunately didn’t seem to have a strong enough hold for this project. However previously we used a Heavy Duty┬áEpoxy, and that definitely did the trick, so make sure to grab that instead if you try this DIY for yourself!

DIY Urn Planter DIY Urn Planter


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