The Nativity – Merry Christmas


We’re really excited to share our latest video. We spent a crazy day putting this together while balancing a lot of other things, but isn’t that everyday near Christmas! This is our little nativity, and a reminder of why we celebrate. It isn’t the presents, it isn’t just family, it’s the day that represents Christ’s birth. Watch the video below, and the poem that Summer wrote is below it. We hope you enjoy.

Mary and Joseph were righteous and strong

Their trip to Bethlehem was difficult and long

The Messiah, our Savior, The Son of God

A perfect being, a gift for the flawed.

Angels rejoiced, Hallelujahs they sung

Exclaiming to the faithful, old and the young

The world announced his birth with a star

Wise men saw, and journeyed from afar

Shepherds were tending their flocks by night

The Angels, at first, gave them quite a fright

but they soon would be part of what history would write

By loving each other, we honor his name

And celebrate everything that he overcame

The love that you feel when hearing his story

Is the most important gift, that of his glory.

If you’re interested in knowing more of what we believe and about Christ’s birth, check out

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