Super Kiddos (Super Mom Music Video)

GWG Delmonte web-8764

We love to create original songs. This music video is sponsored by Del Monte, and was inspired by new Del Monte Fruit and Veggie Fusions, a taste blend of lightly sweetened vegetable and fruit juice and fruit in each cup. They are the perfect sidekick to accompany your Super Kiddos through their busy days and fuel them from snack time to afterschool and help bring out their super. We hope you like it! (Also, if you’re wondering where our, and our kiddos, awesome capes are from check out Super Fly Kids! The bikes are from Public Bikes, Our glitter glasses are DIYed, and Rockwell’s striped shirt is from Fab Kids.)

GWG Delmonte web-9072 GWG Delmonte web-8588

#sharethesuper #sponsored #thegirlswithglasses

Photos by Ike & Tash



My favorite video you have made so far. Super cute!!


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