Statement Lips

We are back for more beauty experiments.  Today we are trying the statement lip and we’re going super bold! Summer chose a dramatic, black lip, and I choose a vibrant purple, and a dark purple. Watch the video to see how it looked on us, and you can try it out yourself here:


Lip Primer:
Black Liner:
Black Lipgloss:
Black Cherry Lipstick:
Purple Lipstick:
Purple Lipgloss:
Gold Lipgloss:

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Anna Parker:

This is so cool, I totally want to try statement lips now! I love how you have the “goth” black lip, but made it more applicable to real life with the red tint. And, let’s talk about those purple lips! Totally love how you put the dark purple to give your lips dimension, plus the gold was such a great finishing touch.
Thanks so much for being so inspiring and classy!


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