Shiva Rose House Tour!


I’m really excited to share my newest series that I did with The Design Network. It’s called Lifestyles of the Digital Famous. I interviewed a few of my favorite new media influencers and they showed me around their stylish homes.

The first one is with blogger/actress/mother/skincare guru, Shiva Rose of The Local Rose. She has done so many remarkable things in her life, I won’t list them all, but I will say that she radiates light, and lives a thoughtful life. Her style is inspirational to me: clean lines, a modern palate, and an eclectic and earthy spirit.


In her California home, I also was introduced to two products that I now am obsessed about: her skincare line and this tea that she served me, with almond milk that she made herself. Amazing.

IMG_7063 IMG_7065

I hope you check out the video below, and enjoy this series. It was such a pleasure getting to hang out with this lady, and taking in her Eclectic Modern Ranch style.





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