Satisfy Me (Mom Music Video)

We are really excited to share one of our original songs with you! This time, we’ve partnered with Müller Yogurt, for a pop/rap song all about how hard working mommas need a little break. Can I get an amen!! Check out the music video below, and next time you need a little quick time out, you should try Müller’s yummy dessert inspired treats. Our favorites are Strawberry Cheesecake, and Dulce De Leche. A seriously sweet treat you won’t regret!


#yogurtwithbenefits #sponsored #thegirlswithglasses

Photos by Ike & Tash



I have a question about the house dress. I am searching for one and I can’t find the henry mack house dress. Do you know if the company name was changed or if they were discontinued or what?


They must’ve gone out of business!! We can’t find them! Sad!!


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