New York New York!

New York New York!

Last month we stuffed our carry on’s with a few colorful dresses and hopped on a plane to NYC for work. But is there a cooler place to go and “work”?!  we don’t think so! Luckily while we were there we managed to still squeeze in some play. And by play, we mean eat. We ate our faces off! Really, we needed the rest of the summer to dine at all the restaurants that we had on our must-eat list. Luckily we also walked our buns off, which was good to off set all that eating! Honestly, I could have stayed the rest of the summer.  This trip was an extra special one. Despite the fact that I got pretty sick on the way (hence the Marge Simpson voice and tired face),  it was still magical. The city was showing off for us, the weather was just right, a few thunderstorms to keep it exciting a little humidity to keep our skin dewey and a nice breeze the keep us cool. Also our sweet friend and production assistant Priscilla joined us, and this was her first time to New York! At over 20 weeks pregnant she was a major trooper with all that walking, but we loved showing her around, and had the best time.  Also not to mention we got to stay at the swanky and sleek Nomo Soho hotel primely located in the heart of Soho. We couldn’t have loved it more! I could ramble on and on about our stay, but I don’t want to give it all away! Check out our video of our adventures. And if you’re looking to take a trip to the Big Apple, we might give ya a few good ideas! Also if you want to follow along, we are doing an instagram take-over for the Nomo Soho Hotel!

Also you can see videos from our first trip to New York in 2011 in the middle of a crazy heat wave!

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