How To Get Ready in 5 Minutes

Once that little alarm clock comes running through the door, sound the trumpets and it’s off to the races and ain’t nobody got more than five minutes to get ready in the morning! I know that if I don’t just get it done quick I am bound to be in my jammies all day, and while I love my jammies, its good to wear something flattering and spend just a few minutes to make the best of yourself for a more productive day. But it’s not easy with kids a’hollerin and crying cause they are hungry and you need to pack lunches, make breakfast and get in the car and off to school. Here I attempt to show you how to get it done in practical style. We’re not necessarily ready to go to the oscars, but you’re presentable and ready for the day and you look like you tried and that feels good right? Also I didn’t mention this, But I think its a helpful idea to pre-pick your quick go-to outfits for the season you’re in, when you have a little extra time in a day, snap a picture on your phone of it and keep them handy. Hang them up on hangers and that way you know its ready to go and easy. I don’t always do this myself, but it is a nice idea isn’t it 😉 May the force be with you!

Dress is from LulaRoe
Hat is Billabong
Denim Shirt is from Marshalls

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