Who’s Your Girl Crush?


I first read about Little Miss Momma’s girl crushes here and thought, that would be a cute video! So Brooke and I recorded our’s (Brooke in Westlake, CA and me in Gilbert, AZ) and we asked two of our favorite people to record their’s too. Check out who Alison of the Alison Show and Dayle of No. 4 Design are crushing on. And we want to know who your girl crushes are!!! Tell us in the comments. x Summer



Dayle Bennett:

Yay! I love it. I wish I would have added more girl crushes. I liked all the ones you ladies mentioned. It was an honor to do this video. Thanks girls. Smooches


Celebrity girl crushes- Kristen Wigg and Zooey Deschenal.

Real life- a woman named Trina who is the nicest, friendliest, prettiest, down to earth girl who compliments every one around her. She kills me.

No need to mention, but mentioning anyway- The girls with glasses. I can’t get enough of you girls.

Amy W:

Oh my, so many girl crushes. Oleander and Palm, Jones Design Company, Oh Joy, Lovely Indeed!

Sammy Langberg:

Well… to be honest, Brooke, you are my #1 girl crush! Ever since I saw you on AI I have been amazed by what a talented, kind, funny, humble, and beautiful woman and role model you are. I have kept up with Jack and White and GWG and all of your endeavors and my family always makes fun of me because I admire you so much. Thanks for being awesome!

Summer, you are amazing too and definitely another girl crush. You are so elegant and funny and smart, I think of you as I study communications in college and it gives me a strong successful woman to look up to.

Love you Ladies!!
~Sammy Langberg

Heather Audrey Lapier:

You girls are my girl crush! I love everything you do and I think if I lived in LA we would be totally hang out. lol hope thats not creepy.

Cute video, keep them coming!


1- Julia Roberts for her full hearted beautiful southern grin and laugh
2- Martha Stewart of course because shes a sassy awesome lady
3- Blog Crush – OOnaBallona – Shes a seamstress and I love crush her sense of style


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