Father’s day is around the corner, and we really love dads around here! We appreciate them for all that they do for us, their quirky dad humor, their awkward dancing, and all the memories we’ve made with them through the years. It’s especially fun getting to watch our own little kiddos create their own sweet memories with their dads, our hubbies! Is there any thing more attractive than seeing a man become an awesome father?! Nope!

In honor of these good men, we thought it would be fun to ask our toddlers some questions about their dads. Their answers are adorable. Obviously they are on the younger side, but they were so excited to talk about dear ‘ol dad! We used a cute questionnaire provided by Discount Tire all about hitting’ the road with their dads from “what’s dads favorite snacks? and “what music does dad like to listen to on the road” to “wheres your favorite place to go with dad” and more. We think it’s a pretty cute video, but we are their moms 😉 You can ask your kids the same questions that we have listed below. Happy Father’s Day to all those daddies out there, and future daddies, and guys that don’t have kids, but are nice to kids. You’re awesome, we love ya.

I love my dad because he….
I think I am like my dad because….
If my dad could go anywhere….
he would like to take a road trip to….
When my dad goes on a road trips he packs….
My dad likes to stop here to take a….
driving break whenever we are on a road trip….
My dad’s favorite road trip snack is….
My dad’s favorite music to list to in the car is….
My dad’s favorite road trip game is….
My favorite place that I….
visited with my dad was….
I love going on road trips….
with my dad because….

Thank you Discount Tire for sponsoring this conversation and reminding us that it’s not about where you’re driving, it’s about who you’re driving with! Check out the Discount Tire site here.

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