Cause we are living in a Digital World and We are Digital Girls…with glasses

Back in 1984 Madonna may have lived in a material world, but in 2015 I think it is safe to say that most of us are living in a digital world. It would actually be more unlikely and bizarre to see some one with out some sort of device in hand. From smart phones to tablets and phablets and soon fancy tech-y watches, we aren’t putting down mobile technology anytime soon. We love our digital world and can hardly find it with in ourselves to look up from it. So much of what we do, how we work, and how we connect with each other is through these devices. However if you are like us, and you wear glasses, you may have noticed that your poor eyes are growing weary from such gazing upon glowing busy screens. Not only do your eyes feel fatigued, your head throbs and aches and ain’t nobody got time for that! If this sounds like you, than you potentially are suffering from digital eye strain. Yes it is a real thing,  Summer and I have both experienced a great deal of these symptoms and so we went in to visit the Doc over at The Eye Shop in Queen Creek, AZ to SEE what we could do about it. Turns out that this is becoming a common issue amongst glasses wearers in the digital age, as we are all spending oodles of time on our phones. Chances are if you are reading this right now, that would include you! Dr. Shaver explained to us that when it comes to finding relief for the digitally dependent eye glass wearer, it’s all in the lens and not all lens’ are made alike! Lucky for us, there’s a lens that can make all the difference in the digital world. We learned about the Zeiss digital lens and how it has been custom crafted with an added boost in the lens exactly where you need it, making for significantly less strain while looking down to check email, text or update our Facebook status. As a result, less headaches and fatigue and more comfort for a happier healthier pair of eyeballs. Watch the video to learn more, straight from a true professional.

Summer and I have both been wearing our new glasses with the Zeiss digital lens for over a month and the difference is indeed right before our very eyes. I can personally say that these are the most comfortable pair of glasses that I own. Not only do I experience no fatigue, I see more clearly and vividly. Little did I know how big of a difference a lens could make. I even opted to wear my glasses longer than usual because they don’t seem to be giving me a headache at all! True story. I just don’t think I could go back to just the average lens. Of course this lens will cost you a bit more and isn’t covered by insurance, bummer. However it is our vision we are talking about here, and how we feel all day long and that’s a big deal. It is definitely an investment in comfort and feeling better and in result being happier and more productive. So if this sounds like something that could improve the quality of your vision and day to day wellbeing than ask your eye doctor about the Zeiss digital lens.

 Summer Bellessa in the Zeiss Lens

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