Ok, so I am not calling myself a pro, but I am a beauty school drop out which is kind of the same thing, no?  The hair dryer and I go way back. Just my moms hair alone, from the time I was 11 till I moved out, and every time I go home to visit, I have been drying’ and styling that woman’s thick shiny crop of hair for a long time… not to mention my sister, grandma, aunts, cousins and friends. Then I became a bathroom beautician at the tender age of 14, and had a full clientele that I cut, dyed and styled after school and on Saturdays, clear until the day before I went to American Idol. Basically I traded in my hair dryer for a microphone. Any who, in my life time I have blow dried many a heads of hair, like a stupid number that would maybe land in the thousands. I may be an over-exaggerator but you get the idea.

But really this video was a pre-cursor to the video that was an answer to the requests of how I get my hair to do THIS. But before we get to that, we have to have a clean, swishy, proper blow out. So I am starting here. Couple things to note, my blow dryer could be of better quality, but its a decent model for the price. Looking to invest in a new one, and just haven’t pulled the trigger. Any suggestions? Secondly, products are a big deal, but not too many. I am OBSESSED with all the Redken Extreme products. Wait, did I mention that i’m obsessed? That’s important.  My hair was severely over-processed last summer by a hairdresser I went to on a whim, also add post Partum weirdness. I lost ALL of my curl and my hair had melted into a gooey despression. Any who, as you know,  I chopped it all off and started fresh. But these products have CHANGED MY LIFE and hair, my curl has returned, and the breaking and snapping is over. And I promise you a boy scout promise, Redken is paying me absolutely nothing to say that, they don’t know or care of my existence. It’s just made that much of a difference for me. So if your hair is super sad, bleached, over processed, lifeless… than I suggest you jump on this line yesterday: The shampoo, CAT protein spray treatment, the masque conditioner, and then the anti-snap leave in treatment which I use in the video. Your hair will thank you and you will thank me. Though not necessary, I must spread truth that helps others. It is my duty.

Next, I love the “wet brush”, its a dream for tangly toddler hair, and for my crazy mane. You can buy it at Target now. Also, I am using a ceramic round brush. Again, the boar bristle brushes are the most healthy for the hair, but I struggle to get a real curl out of it, so usually I use the ceramic. However, I DON’T use it daily as it is too harsh with heat.  I do also use a volume and thermal protectant spray by Label M, it is outstanding and I am hooked, Label M is also paying me nothing to say that. I bought that with my own money too. Then for a touch of shine and to smooth the fly aways I added a dab of serum to the ends by Living Proof, best smelling product second to Oribe.

Lastly you will notice I do not use clips, because I am not a person of organization. If you like to use clips, go for it! But I like to keep things moving and not mess with the darn things. If any of this process looks wrong to you, I’m sorry, I told you i’m merely a beauty school drop out. But I think if you follow my crazy steps that I have used for the last million years, you will probably have some nice swishy hair, I think : ) That was your money back gaurantee. Stay tuned for my next video about the soft waves. That is coming next! Thanks for watching friends, have a happy Wednesday!

: )Brooke



I love this video, the content is great, the video quality is great. Thanks for producing great content. It makes me happy. In the future, if you want to have less echo and room-noise, it might be helpful in a video like this to use a lavaliere microphone. You can get a wired one pretty cheap:, if you don’t want to spring for a pricey wireless model. It’d seriously up the professional quotient of a post like this, and your content is good enough to justify taking that extra step.


I love this tutorial! It’s one I can actually follow and do in the small amount of time I have to get ready. Who has time for clips and parting with a 5 year old around. 😉


Oh wow. I got a blowdryer for my birthday last year and haven’t really used it because I didn’t know how! This is going to change my life. Thanks Brooke!! Your tips are super helpful.

Meagan Aguayo:

Great video and post Brooke! Now I’m curious to try the Redken Extreme line! If you’re looking for an amazing blow dryer, I seriously recommend Harry Josh Pro Tools! It’s pricy but so worth it!! I have thick curly hair and whenever I use the dryer my hair looks like I got it done at the salon! Best investment ever!!!

– Meagan


Brooke, you are adorable!! thanks for this awesome tutorial… I can’t wait to “dry” it 🙂 Also loved the 4th of July decorating of the living room… fabulous!

Mil Grageas:

Great Tutorial!!! Thanks for sharing, what brand is your blow dyer???

Max Hathaway:

Your article is helpful to me. I always struggle with blowdrying because my hair is long and I’m super impatient. I always start out doing it nice and slow with my brush and by about 5 minutes later I give up and turn my head upside down to let it do its own thing. I am going to give this a try. Thanks for sharing.


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