Accessorizing With Glasses

Check out our newest video, where we share our tips on accessorizing while wearing glasses. This can be kind of tricky territory that usually requires some trial and error. But until then, here’s some short cuts to finding the right balance. In the end it’s less about “rules” and more about figuring out what makes you feel awesome and confident!

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Accessorizing with Glasses

Crazy town accessorizing with glasses… don’t wear everything at once

Accessorizing with Glasses

We love hats with glasses

Accessorizing with Glasses

statement necklaces can totally work

Accessorizing with Glasses

go small with your earrings for subtlety , or you can go big for a statement.







I have a weird shaped head, so I don’t think headbands ever look right on me. But I think you could make it look great. You might have to experiment with size, and color, till you find one that feels balanced. Good luck! x Summer


have you done the tutorial on how to make the glitter glasses?


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