To The Little Girls With Glasses


We have had a few parents thank us for making glasses look stylish, and for being a place to show their daughters how cool it is to be a girl with glasses. I remember wanting to wear glasses so bad, I thought I might of subconsciously failed the vision test just to get my hands on a pair. A few of my older friends had them, not to mention Madonna had a black pair that stood out to me. Glasses meant I was getting older, I was mature, I was smart.

That didn't mean I was free from getting teased. I remember kids calling me “four-eyes,”  or making fun of the fact that I wore glasses. My mom told me they were just jealous, and being a very believing child, that made sense to me. My glasses were fabulous, a light shade of pink and massive, just like frames in the 80's should be. I also had an intuition that if it wasn't my glasses, it would be my hair, or my face, or my name. Anything that's different is pointed out and mocked. Every kid should know, it really isn't personal, it's just human nature.

What would I tell all the little girls with glasses that come on our site? The world would be boring if we were exactly the same! Embrace your differences and those differences of the people around you. Own your glasses-wearing-ness! You are smart. You are pretty. And most importantly, you can see the world around you. How grateful that you are able to see the teacher at the front of the class and learn from her. Your glasses are a tool to help you, and they are also a super stylish accessory! How you react to being teased  tells a lot more about you than anything you wear. Make sure you are friendly to everyone in your class, no matter what they look like or are like. If you are still hung up on the thought of not being cool, check out my pinterest board full of very cool girls in glasses!

To everyone else, glasses or no glasses, let's be honest, it's easy to see name-calling in elementary school and dismiss it as adolescent, but are we open to diversity? Do we say hi and become friends with people who are different than we are? Do we put down other people's differences or do we celebrate them? Just a little food for thought.

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Brooke White:

Love this Summer, great post! Yay for little girls with glasses!

hannah klemm:

I love this… thoughtful and honest. I too am a girl with glasses, never went the contact lens route… as I was always proud to have the extra accessory to wear. But you’re right we do need to look and ask ourselves as adults if we are following the same advice. Great post! Thank you for sharing!

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