The Bellessa’s New Addition!!! (Backyard Chickens)

I’ve wanted to add chickens to our family for awhile now,
and when I heard of Dare 2 Dream farm in Lompoc, CA,
I knew it would be a fun family outing, and great experience for my boys. Below is the site, and feel free to ask any questions in the comments.

chicken chicken_with_child chick_magnet chickens and kids chickens_1week_old picking a backyard chicken spring_chick



I am so excited for you and your family! ❤️ Looks like a great place where you got your chickens! What kind of chickens did you get? We have 2 Plymouth Rocks, 1 Rhode Island Red and 1 Buff Brahma (All Bantams). In 6 more weeks we should start getting eggs! I can’t wait!


It’s been a lot of fun! We got 2 Plymouth Rocks and a Rhode Island Red!!! Great minds!! x


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