Take Me! New Music Video With Alaska Airlines!

Pack your bags, and get ready for take-off! Brooke and Summer collaborate with Alaska Airlines in this fun rap video! For a limited time, apply for a new Alaska Airlines Visa Signature® card, and if approved, get their Famous Companion Fare™ Offer, buy 1 ticket, get 1 for just the taxes & fees after qualifying purchases. The only real decision to make is who you’re taking with you. #sponsored http://bit.ly/GWGCompanion

Girls With Glasses Chocolate Cake Polaroid Suitcases




Hi Girls with Glasses!
I have been watching you from the beginning and I love everything about your show- aesthetic, style, modesty and most of all the creativity! I was wondering if you could post clothing credits for this video. I kept on pausing the video to take in the clothes and try to guess where they are from.Hope to see more of your great work! Take care


Any specific outfits? Let us know and I can find out! x


So fun!!


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