Star Wars Fans at Disneyland

Our boys found my husband’s prized Starwars VHSs when they were little. They loved to watch them and act out the scenes. We couldn’t wait to take the family to Starwars land in Disneyland, but then we had to wait. With Covid, and moving, and work, and new schools, it took us a little time to be able to make it work.

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge had a lot of fun things to do for our adventurous family. Meeting the Characters was amazing. Living in Los Angeles, we’re used to giving celebrities their space, and with Covid, that personal space seems even more important, but we learned, if you want to get a selfie, or chat with your favorite character, you have to just do it! Become a part of the story, instead of just an observer.

The Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run was a blast with kids. They loved it, and we were able to ride it a few times, which let them switch off being a pilot, engineer and gunner.

The biggest bummer of the trip was that we tried multiple times to ride Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance, but it was closed for technical difficulty. I was able to ride it when my brother and I came together, so I was so excited to let them have the same experience. There were multiple rides that we were shut down on our trip, and even though our kids are older, we were able to ride on less rides because of these shut downs. It seems like they are figuring out some issues post-Covid, I hope they get ironed out soon!

So to round up my thoughts on Disneyland’s Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge: The land itself is awesome. So well done. Smugglers run is fun for all ages. A lot of fun add ons including Character interactions, the street market, trying Blue Milk, building a lightsaber, and playing Dejarik (like checkers). Rise of the Resistance is a long wait, and can close down unexpectedly, so plan accordingly. See what we did in the above video, and feel free to ask questions. x

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