Small Business Support

We know this time could be especially hard for those running small businesses. So when our friend Autumn Kimball made this beautiful graphic, and encouraged us to shine a light on some of the brands that we love, to give added support, we said YES!

Favorite Bath Products: Tubby Todd 15% off with code SUMMERBELLESSA15

Favorite Facial Masks: Soon Skincare 20% off with code SHARELOVE

Favorite Journals: Loom 20% off with code CONNECTION

Favorite Boys Suits: Kind Human (Brand New!)

Illustrator: Jill Paz (Paperdoll book here)

Best Nail Art: Rachel Messick

Letterer: Karen Spearin of Mason Ally

Ceramics: Krista Coons of Her Name Is Mud

Women’s Clothes: Pepper Place

Cute Kids Tees: Mochi Kids

Essential Oils: Ashley Stock at Breathe And Bloom Essentials


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