Our Velux Skylights

Velux skylight in The Modern Lodge

I started thinking about installing skylights mainly because our loft bathroom was so dark. It felt like a cave, and the light that we fell in love with, looks elegant, but doesn’t brighten the space enough. As I thought about it, the loft bedroom was also pretty dark most of the day.

I decided adding skylights would help my overall standard of living. So I reached out to Velux, and they gifted us these three skylights, so we could try them and share our experience with you.

A few people warned of possible leaks, so I knew I needed to prioritize quality windows, and an experienced installer. I also loved the modern features of the Velux skylights: solar powered to open for fresh air, and the ability to have a shade that goes up and down. All done via remote control.

instagram.com/reel/CZvx7ejK1Ve/ See our before and after reel here. The light that comes in changes the whole rooms vibe.

The process was one of the easiest things I did on the house. And the end result has made our life happier. Am I the only one really effected by natural light in my space? Taking a shower is now a magical experience. You can see the tops of the trees above you, instead of feeling like you’re entering a cave. I don’t want to undersell the transformation in the bedroom either. See for yourself! Putting all the info below, but let me know if I missed anything. Or if you have any questions for me.



The ones we chose are the VELUX No Leak Solar Powered “Fresh Air” Skylights. We chose flat black out blinds, in black for the bathroom and beige for the bedroom. We use the remotes to open the blinds and windows, but they also have a smart phone option. We’re excited to try that too. Kurt Norlander installed them for us. His company is out of Lake Arrowhead, CA. You can find a VELUX installer in your area here.

Velux is hosting a sweepstake right now. The Velux Sunlight Lovers’ Sweepstake is open from Feb 1st through Feb 28th. The grand prize is two of the same Velux skylights that we chose. Enter for a chance to win and get more information here!

Ha ha, kidding, not kidding. But in all seriousness, I could never get a good shot of the ceiling because it was too dark!



I would love-love to have skylights in my kitchen!! Glad you did this post Summer!!


You should go to the Velux page and enter their sweepstakes!! x


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