How to Pick Glasses for Kids

Is there anything cuter in this whole wide world than a little kiddo in glasses? We don’t think so anyway, though being girls with glasses, we may be a bit biased, especially seeing our own lil’ ones in these darling glasses. Actually it’s heart stopping-ly cute! Though none of our kids actually need or wear glasses yet, they made the most adorable models to help us show you how to select the perfect pair for your sweet guy or gal. Getting these three to cooperate, however,  took a few m&m’s, but when we found the right pair for them, that were comfortable, and fit well in their favorite colors, they were beaming with pride in their cool new spectacles.

If you’re child is in need of glasses, and you don’t know where to begin, you’ve come to the right place! Watch our video to get the scoop on style, shape, color, and durable design that can stand up to a rough and tumble toddler. Kids have been known to tease kids who wear glasses, being called “four eyes” has never been such a compliment of coolness , being in the same company as super stars like Justin Timberlake and LeBron James. Everyone wears glasses now, from athletes to rockers, to engineers and hipsters, glasses are en vogue! Helping your son or daughter feel confident is the key. Allow them to be a part of the process and make it fun!

All of the glasses in this video were provided by, where the selection process has been made easy for you. All frames have been carefully curated and selected by Pediatric Ophthalmologists, and paired with the highest quality lenses for the best fit so your boy or girl can see clearly and feel awesome! Take a look 😎

Oh and I almost forgot, has been so kind to offer you our lovely viewers and readers,$25 off your first frame and lens order when you enter the code: newshopper  

WooHoo! (can not be combined with other offers*)

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seriously the cutest! phoenix in his little red glasses!!!


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