PART 1: How to make a garden box… let’s start with where to grow your garden and what you need to get started

PART 2: Now that you’ve got your planter box, let’s get to planting. Here’s the how and what I planted in my little garden.

It has been a dream of mine to grow my very own garden. To dig up the ground, plant seeds and watch them grow a little everyday. I have this fantasy of ripping a ripe tomato straight from the vine and eating it right on the spot. After several years of being on the road, or away from home, I finally find myself home for a spring. I decided that it was high time that I was going to make the dream come true, and that I was going to document it. Which puts a fire underneath my behind to follow through and keep it alive, my reputation doesn’t boast of a green thumb. Nevertheless, I headed to the local hardware store, bought some cedar, some soil and compost and headed home with my Londy Loo in tow. After three solid hours of digging, which was both exhausting and invigorating, I started to see my little plot of land take shape. I finished constructing my garden box as the sun started to go down. It sat there for a few weeks with out as much as a weed growing in it. I almost forgot about my garden.

Nearly a month went by and planting season was slipping through my fingers. Then Easter came, and instead of a basket full of candy, Dave Ray gave me a bright green watering can full of seed packets in a variety of vegetables. Just what I needed, so the next day I neglected my daily duties and I went out back to my garden box and got to planting. It’s amazing how much it’s grown in just a little over a month. Every morning we go outside, and Loo wobbles over with the water can full of water, and always says “its heaby!”… translated as “heavy”. We investigate each plant, and it’s so incredibly satisfying to watch it literally blossom overnight. I love watching this garden grow with my toddler that seems to be growing at the same rate.

So if you are new to gardening and think it’s something you’ve always wanted to try, follow along, plant along, and grow along! Remember if I can do it, you can do it. Oh and, if you’ve got any good advice, I’m all ears!

: ) Brooke

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