Melanie Blodgett – Honorary Girl With Glasses

The Lovely Melanie Blodgett, was Melanie Bellessa before she was married. She blogs over at and is my cousin-in-law. I couldn’t be luckier to have inherited such an amazing extended family and she is the cream of the crop.
I’m definitely an honorary girl with glasses since I’ve never worn them. I was the only member of my family to have good eye site but I was also the only member of my family who needed braces. I wish it was the other way around because I could certainly rock some specs but braces look good on no one. There’s a reason there is no girls with braces show.
To me a girl with glasses is:
smart but not self righteous
sassy but not rude
confident but not arrogant
funny but not crude
pretty but not high maintenance
nice but not fake
and lovely in every sense of the word.


Ali W:

K…just came across your blog…SO CUTE!! I love the picture of you guys with your glasses…and I love the dress in this post! So fun!


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