Malibu Beach – Los Angeles With Kids

Miley loves it, and so do we. Malibu is one of our favorite places to go to the beach, so we thought we’d share our favorite places to eat there too. We start at Malibu Seafood, this is a favorite with our kids especially. And the ladies favorite is Malibu Farm, we’re talking burrata, chocolate cake, and more yummies!

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If you’re looking for our favorite beach in Malibu, we’ve got three:
Corral State Beach – Right across from Malibu Seafood, super convenient, but be careful crossing PCH!
Surfrider Beach – Closer to the Pier, and there’s a bathroom close, which is great for kids.
and lastly, our favorite,
Lechuza Beach – It feels hidden, and once you get down to the beach, it’s the prettiest.

Enjoy! PS This video was shot while we were pregnant, but the pictures are the last few times we’ve been!

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