Lotería Halloween Costume

I come from a Mexican family and one of the things we did growing up was play Lotería. Lotería translates to lottery but the game is more like bingo. Instead of cards or ping ball balls, we have a deck of cards with characters/ things and their names. And each player is given a 4×4 board with the characters and each board is different. Someone is then in charge of calling out the character from the deck and you add a chip to your card. You then make some sort of pattern like four in a row or sometimes you fill your whole card. The first person to have the pattern done will then yell “Lotería” to let everyone know you have won. (Like in bingo) it’s so very easy to play, even kids like to be part of the fun. All the cards are in Spanish but each card has an image so even if you don’t speak Spanish, it’s easy to follow along if you match the image to your card, and it could even help you learn a little Spanish! You can buy your own game here!
Lotería is a very popular game. And the the characters and cards are pretty recognizable to a lot of Latin people. My mom decided to have a Lotería themed party and everyone had to come dressed as one of the cards. I have seen people dress as the characters for Halloween in the past but I’ve never seen it as a theme of a party so it was fun to experience! And of course Lotería had to played too!Here are some of the costumes Priscilla and her family wore!

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