Lego Movie World at LEGOLAND!

The Bellessa’s were super excited to get to check out the new Lego Movie World at LEGOLAND! It has shops, treats, three rides, a place to build with Legos, a big slide, a splash pad, and a bunch of cute places to take pictures.

Watch till the end and see the picture of the last time we were at LEGOLAND, the kids have grown so much! And below are pictures of our favorite things at Lego Movie World, and a few more then and now shots!

Anyone else like to do shots over a few years to see how things change? It breaks my heart to see how fast they grow, but I love to document it. The boys are getting older, and not as excited about taking pictures right now, but they always like to see them after the fact! Especially once they come in our Chatbooks (Get $10 off from me on your first book by using this link)!

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