“Last Christmas” Parody

We did a parody of “Last Christmas”! We tackled the polarizing topic of regifting. Have you ever given a gift that you received? Can you relate to this video? Merry Christmas from The Girls With Glasses!

Directed by Kerry Bellessa
Song produced by Kevin Haaland
Lyrics by Brooke White and Summer Bellessa

Last Christmas I gave you some socks
But the very next day you gave them away
This year I’m gonna pull a gift from my rear and I’ll pick you up something special
Once purchased and twice received
I guess you forgot to give me the gift receipt
Last year I got the same Snuggie from my brother
This year it looks like its going to another

(Here’s a fruit cake)
I wrapped it up and sent it
With a note saying sorry its fermented
Last year someone dropped it off at my front door
But I’m allergic to nuts so now its gonna be yours
This christmas I made you some fudge
But the very next day I ate it away (ate it away)
Ashamed, I hide in my fear cause you’re on your way here
And you probably got me something special

“Hey Brooke, it’s Summer. I’m headed over, just wanted to drop off a little something special I got you for Christmas… see you soon!”

I scan my room, look for something nice
How would you like my old hair removal device
Oh how I wish I could blame this all on Santa
Feeling sick wish I had some Mylanta
I took a family picture down from my living room wall
Took the photograph out of the frame, pretended like I got it from the mall (the mall, the mall)
So glad that I’m not empty handed cause that was a close call

Last christmas I gave you a frame but I just got it back in a white elephant game (elephant game)
This year, no more embarrassing tears, I will give you a clearance special
Last christmas I gave you some socks
But the very next day I gave them away
This year don’t pull a gift from your rear, and pick me up something special

Unless you’re running low on time or money, then well I guess I understand.
In fact, it helps me out when I don’t have anything on hand. So, what I’m trying to say is thank you, it is special.
I’m gonna regift, I’m gonna regift
I’m gonna regift, and I hope that you think its special.


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