Kerry & Summer Discuss Marriage and Creating Together

We were interviewed by one of my favorite photographers, Michelle Kim. She asked us a bunch of questions about working together, and being married. Below is a small excerpt. For more click here.


How do you have a successful business and marriage simultaneously?

S: We work together, and we parent together, there’s not a lot of seperation. Because of the type of creative occupations we have chosen (indie filmmaking and video creation), we have a unique schedule and work load. For us it’s less about traditional roles and more about getting everything done that we need to. We take turns being lead in our jobs, and in our family. I help him with his projects, he shoots all of our Girls With Glasses videos, and together we make sure our kids are taken care of and fed. It’s not always perfect, more of a work in progress.

K: This is all we’ve really known. It’s part of what we do and who we are. We’re creatives and we’re married. It’s great to be married to someone who really understands the creative journey, because we’re on the same path. There are so many emotions that come with working for yourself and trying to work in a competitive field. Summer really understands my highs and my lows. (Read more here)

Summer: Red dress, S.I.C. Couture by Jessica Ramos // Striped dress, Boden Clothing // hat, H&M

Kerry: suit, H&M // black tie, Boden Clothing // white shirt, Banana Republic // brown shoes, Banana Republic

Phoenix: cardigan and jeans, H&M // shoes, Plae Shoes

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