Kate Spade Tribute


Growing up, luxury items were out of my reach. I didn’t own anything from Kate Spade till later in my life, but I always was drawn to her carefree colorful design aesthetic. Seeing a girl from the midwest have success, was an inspiration to me, as I moved to New York from Chicago following my dreams. Her Soho store was everything. I loved each poster, each print, each item of furniture. She had a voice that felt like a friend.

The news of Kate Spade’s death was heartbreaking on so many level. Leaving behind her daughter, her newest business venture, so much life still worth living. But mental illness isn’t a simple thing. As this loss has opened up a conversation about depression, anxiety, and suicide, we wanted to create something to pay homage to one of our favorite woman in the industry and to encourage hope, if you’re dealing with hard things in your life.

If you’re having suicidal feelings, please call the national suicide prevention line: 1-800-273-8255. In creating this video, we want to let you know there’s hope. Suicide is not the answer. Getting help is the answer.

A huge thank you to everyone who helped make this video happen.
Directed by Angela and Ithyle
Makeup by Gia Harris
Hair by Emily Zempel
Production Design Rebecca Buenik
Hand Lettering Karen Spearrin of Mason Alley Calligraphy
Special Thanks to Natalie (@nativesilver), and Kerry Bellessa.
Song sung by Brooke White (written by Brooke White and Summer Bellessa, Produced by Christ Quals and Eric Straube)


She’s a party, she’s a visionary.
Underneath, she’s wearing pain.
Everyone just sees confetti, but they don’t see it turn into rain.
She’s alone with a heavy heart.
All the colors fade to dark.
Ooooh, don’t go.
Oooooh, oh don’t go.
Remember clouds don’t hang down forever.
Above it is a glitter sky.
You don’t have to hold it all together,
let somebody hear you cry.
You’re in the middle of the fight.
You’ve got more story left to write.

For more info on our connection to Kate Spade, go here:

Kate Spade Tribute


Jamie Martin:

Lovely! As a suicide survivor, thank you for this seeet ditty.


Thanks for the comment. And glad you’re here. xoxox


you girls are just incredible. xo


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