Jessie is an Honorary Girl With Glasses

Jessie and I met while both speaking on a fashion blogger panel. Each member of our panel was super sweet, and busted the myth that fashion girls are stuck up! I have followed Style & Pepper since, and have enjoyed her content and her stylish glasses wearing ever since. Now to turn the blog over to her… x Summer

Hi, Friends! I'm Jessie from Style & Pepper, and happen to be a fellow GWG who is so very happy to be guest posting here on the site today.

Although I am a fellow spectacle-wearing senorita, I know there are those out there (*ahem* ERIN *ahem hem*) who understandably want to join in with the four-eyed fun. That's why I thought I'd spread a little lens-love by sharing some quirky ways that give us all a chance to embrace these eyewear-inspired pieces.

I'm a Girl With Glasses, and now you can be one, too!

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