How to Create a Statement Wall (Or How to Hide your TV)

Photos by STUDIO 1208

This is one of my favorite walls in The Modern Lodge. The combination of art and technology makes a statement, while still being functional. We chose art from Minted and paired a few thoughtfully chosen items. We’ve been fans of minted for years, and trust them with our Christmas card needs, they always have beautiful design, and focus on artists over mass production art. Another edge they have on their competitors is that they offer beautiful, modern and classic options for framing. This statement wall, was easy to put together because it comes to your house ready to hang. It takes out a lot of the time consuming steps. Here’s the art that we went with:

10×8 with Matte Black metal frame
30×40 Canvas with Ash Wood Frame
18×24 Art Print Natural Wood Frame, Float Mounted with artist signature
8×10 matte black chic metal frame with white border, and artist signature
5×7 canvas black wood frame
Minted not only has a large selection of art, from artists from around the world, they also have a wide range of frame, matte and print options. We wanted a varied look, that felt like a curated art collection over years of gathering prints from different cities. The Minted website also has color variations, which helped us find the perfect combo of stark black and white, and others with warm tones to tie into the wood.

Photos by STUDIO 1208

Other details include: The Frame Television is Samsung, and we bought the customized teak frame, that connects instantly, with the help of the magnets, a Fender guitar, a repurposed vintage bar cart, basket from local store, Evergreen Curated Goods, record player by Victrola, and hat from Gigi Pip.
We’re really happy with how it turned out. It really makes this room feel special. Let us know if you have any questions!
You can also check out the before and after of this room here!

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