Honorary Girl With Glasses – Alix Adams

For our next Honorary Girl With Glasses, we have chosen Alix Adams of A Ruffled Life.

“I like to pretend the first accessory I put on my chubby baby face was a pair of thick-rimmed glasses. Sometimes I imagine I was born all fabulous and ready to take on the world with my 20/40 vision. Truth is I hit some nerdy spots during my journey to becoming a Girl With Glasses, and perhaps I'm still on that journey daily…becoming more sure and fantastic all the while! But isn't that a wonderful thing to aspire to: confident, creative, quirky girl with killer specs! Yes please! And I feel honored (beyond honored) that I get to join the midst of all other Girls With Glasses!”

P.S. My current spectacles come from Costco…so nothing but high fashion here 😉





K, I don’t have glasses, but I stinking love this blog. Even though I don’t have to wear wire rims, can I still play? Keep up the great work girls! I love it.

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