Happy Birthday Priscilla!!


If you’re a true Girls With Glasses fan, you already know who Priscilla Chang is. She’s part of our team, and she’s amazing. I am so glad our paths crossed on instagram, and that we’ve been able to work together and become such good friends. It’s her birthday today, so we thought we would share a few of our favorite things about her, and some silly pictures we took with her on our trip to New York.

She’s smart. Anything we need her to figure out she does. She’s crafty. Anything we can do, she can do it better, and faster. She’s dependable. She doesn’t need our time management tips video, because she’s organized and always on time. She loves food. Which we love about her, because she always knows the best places to go, and is always down with splurging on great places. A gal after my own heart. She makes great food. She makes amazing treats: homemade marshmallows, cakes, cupcakes, cookies, everything. She’s kind. She’s thoughtful. The kiddos love her. She’s going to be a great mom. She’s a great friend. And again, I’m so glad that I know you Priscilla Chang.

Hugs and kisses on your special day from Brooke and Summer. XOXO

IMG_5767 nomo_soho_hotel priscilla_chang




Thanks gals! You ladies are the best! Love ya both!


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