Follow Up To Toddler Stylist


It’s been a crazy few days, with my original article going viral, showing up everywhere from The View, to Reddit, to Even more miraculous are all the other moms trying it out for themselves. Because of this success, I thought it would be worth doing it for one more day, letting Rockwell pick out my clothes again, and shooting a video of it. I hope you guys enjoy, and if you decide to let your toddler dress you, let me know! Tag me on instagram @summerbellessa and use #toddlerstylist. Thanks for everyone’s support!



I don’t have a toddler, but I asked my 7yo daughter to do it, and she has loved it! Has been a fun week and encouraged me to be a bit more adventurous with my outfits, instead of the same tops going with the same tops all the time. Today we went into town and she picked out outfits for me to wear from the shops, it was great fun, and something we’ll both remember.

Nada Manley:

Best post ever. Absolute genius. As you know I was so inspired that I let Lola, my 8 year old fashionista, dress me for a week, but how do I get her to stop? LOL. Dress, scarf and heels – every day. Not a bad combo though! I think your toddler stylist has serious potential!


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