Erin Loechner – Honorary Girl With Glasses

On the Girls With Glasses blog, we wanted to start a new little feature called, Honorary Girls With Glasses, which will introduce a few of our favorite bloggers. Some of these stylish, creative and fabulous women wear glasses and some don't, but they are all worth checking out and hearing their thoughts on girls with glasses.

Erin Loechner is our first Honorary Girl With Glasses. She blogs over at and We originally met her at Altitude Summit, and were smitten immediately. She radiates happiness and is one of those friends that is always looking for ways to be giving and supportive. We are big fans of hers, and if you're not already, you are sure to be smitten too. 
Admittedly, I am not a girl with glasses. I want to be.* I want to be so badly that each time I see a cute outfit with a spectacled model, I lament that I can't complete the look because of my 20/20s. But then I laugh, because here's the secret that girls with glasses don't share: they're confident, with or without the lens.

I've never met a girl that donned glasses without confidence. Never. In a world of contact lenses, they could easily hide the fact that their vision is less than perfect. But they don't, because for whatever reason, they love their specs. Maybe it's because glasses are so much easier to clean than contact lenses. Or perhaps the thought of touching her own eye makes her cringe (I'm cringing!). Or maybe she loves how her wide-rimmed glasses highlight the nose she inherited from her great-grandmother. 

And for that reason, girls with glasses are my heroes. They've taken something about their own bodies that is less than perfect (vision), and showcased it for the world to see. I like that club. I want to be in that club. 

And I can be. Because it's not the glasses that make the club – it's the confidence. And that's something girls with glasses do best. 

Cheers to a more confident outlook, ladies. I'll meet you at the clubhouse. (Password = Sally Jesse Raphael red frames)

*For the record, I tried to fake my way into glasses in 4th grade by pretending I couldn't see the eye chart in the school nurse's office. It didn't work.



CUTE! I love wearing my (fake) frames at least once a week – here’s to confidence!

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