Easter Fun with Tubby Todd!

When two of your favorite people collaborate, we like to show up and support them! Tubby Todd and Baby Boy Bakery have come together to create a spring time bundle of yummy bath products, perfect for your little ones. It’s gentle, it’s safe, and it smells delicious. ¬†Pomegranate Creme Bubble bath is my favorite scent, but Sweet Jelly Bean Hair & Body Wash, and Raspberry Macaroon Everyday Lotion are close seconds! If you haven’t tried Tubby Todd, and have been looking for a great Toxin, gluten, paragon, sulfate, artificial fragrance and color, BPA, and animal cruelty-free product, HERE IT IS!!!!

Also, we’ve gotten a lot of asks about the baskets! They are from an amazing company called Plum & Sparrow.

Photos by emmafeilphotography.com


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