Disneyland Treats – What to eat

Here are my favorite snacks to eat at Disneyland. We like to keep things simple and classic.

At the end of Main Street, there’s a Corndog stand. Here you will find the best corndog of your life. You’re welcome.

Kerry loves the Turkey legs, and if you’re eating Keto it’s the perfect choice. BUT the rest of our picks are for your sweet tooth.

The crunch of the chocolate shell, the creamy vanilla ice cream, this summertime treat hits the spot, and is a photogenic treat to boot.

Phoenix’s favorite color is red, so he might’ve been biased when he choose this one. But the taste matches the Mickey Mouse cuteness. Cute overload right there.

The grown up version of the sugar cookie is the macaroon with Mickey Mouse ears. It’s iconic, beautiful, and yummy. You can find it at the bakery at the entrance of French Quarter.

Our favorite thing to get at California adventure are root beer floats. You can find them on Paradise Pier, on your way to California Screaming.

No list would be complete without a Dole Whip inclusion. Although, we only get these in the summertime when we want a treat that is refreshing.

These churros are so yummy and fresh. Great all year round, but especially nice in the fall/winter when they’re warm. Another great treat warm…

Beignets in the shape of Mickey Mouse? Yes please!

Tell us what treats you love to get when you go to Disneyland.

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