California Song

California Song (HD) from The Girls With Glasses on Vimeo.

Are you a sun-deprived soul who’s stuck indoors? Do you long for an impromptu beach escape? Well, then hop on and take a ride with The Girls With Glasses Show as hosts Brooke White and Summer Bellessa cruise to the tune of peace, love and harmony as they launch today their newest music video set to “California Song” from Brooke’s album High Hopes & Heartbreak.

The “California Song” music video is available to view here and on And since today is Brooke’s birthday … show some love by leaving a comment, sharing the video with your friends or purchasing the song on iTunes

Artist: Brooke White
Director: Braden Barty
Stylist: Jennifer Obannon
Makeup: Rachel Rose DeSimone
Hair: Julio
Hair Accessories:
Special Thanks to Nathan Scoll


Mim Smith Faro:

Happy Birthday Brooke! I’ll be sharing your fun 🙂

Mary Cee:

This song is just perfect for this sunny day that I’ve spent missing California… I’ll be sure to share it :]

Happy Birthday Brooke!


Happy birthday Brooke!
When I first heard this song, I LOVED it! And of course I still do! It’s so fresh and fun, and now I adore the music video. I hope your day is grand!

jen gotch:

the gals at totally love it! happy birthday brooke.


happy birthday (a couple of days late), brooke! i heart the song and video. =)

kelly ann:

i LOVE this video! it makes me proud to be a california girl. so beautiful… you bet i shared this with everyone i know. 😉

thank you, girls with glasses. <3 🙂

reckless daughter:

uh-oh, I spy hidden treasure vintage! happy late birthday, miss Brooke. Mine was the 4th 😉


oooh! i love the clothes!!! belated happy happy birthday brooke! hope you had a fantabuloussss day!:) i love you and all, but i don’t think the song suits your voice much…. it’s great though!;D

i wish you guys posted more.. 😉


I am so late! But I wanted to make sure to say “Happy, happy, blessed birthday!” to Brooke! She was my favorite when she was on American Idol because she stayed true to who she was and unapologetic for it! (‘Loved when she stood up to Simon!)

Thank you for sharing this video with us – you both look great! 🙂


great video, great song, great style! happy birthday Brooke, even that i’m too late. love you both and love this blog. hope you continue to do such nice and wonderful projects. 🙂


i’m super late, but still wanting to wish you a happy birthday brooke. you are adorable in this video. as is summer. la la love it. ❤❤❤


happy belated! just stumbled across this video and song…love it! keep bringing it, ladies! 🙂


well just found your blog and love, love, LOVE the song and video!! and happy belated birthday!


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