Bellessa’s Favorite Books – Quarantine Reading

One of my favorite things I get to do as a mom, is read to my boys. It’s a daily ritual of laying close to them, asking how their days were, and getting to be the last person to tell them how much they’re loved. The best part is having them look forward to going to bed. We started with Harry Potter, and a promise. We’d let them watch each movie, once we’d finished reading them. We thought it would buy us time for them to get a little older, before watching the end ones that seemed a little scary for them. It worked, and we were hooked. After finishing those books, we weren’t sure what to read next. ¬†Destiny stepped in.

One Halloween night, we dressed as Harry Potter characters, and ran into another family, also dressed as Harry Potter characters. We expressed our sadness at finishing the last book, and happily, they gave us a long list of books that they enjoyed just as much. I researched each book, and we started with the titles below. Each one we’ve loved, so much so, we wanted to share them with everyone. Especially since we’re cooped up at home, it’s a great time to start reading more! Have you read any? Any that you think I should add to our list?

Harry Potter – No explanation needed…

Narnia – Adventure story, with heart, and situations to incite discussion

Wildwood РBeautiful and imaginatilvy written, charming illustrations. 

The Mysterious Benedict Society¬†– Teamwork themes, it’s okay to be different.

Fablehaven – Fantasy, consequences, and family.

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