Autumn Kimball – Halloween Goals

When I think of Halloween, and mom’s who are killing it, Autumn Kimball (known on instagram as @KimballCreative) is at the top of my list. I’m excited to showcase her and all her talents this year. Autumn’s a designer (Have you seen her cute suits on @KindHumanCo?), illustrator, artist, and general style icon. We met on instagram years ago, and have now become friends IRL. Enjoy this confetti shot of creative genius!

Who thinks of the ideas? It’s always led by the boys even the first “where the wild things are” costumes my son Severin wanted to be the monster in his favorite book whom had “duck feet and red hair.” Hilarious.

Where do they find inspiration? Like any kids, they always change their minds a thousand times. And the latest book we read or cartoon they watch seems to influence the final decision. Last year my youngest kid was the Marshmallow man from Ghost Busters…. he is 2 and didn’t see it, but the older boys insisted their little round face brother become the iconic figure.

Which was the hardest costume to create? The hardest were the costumes we did while we lived in Australia. They don’t really celebrate Halloween, or at the scale the US does. I found a modified hardware store for insulation and heating and found some cool materials to work with but difficult. That year they were their favorite Australian animals: a Kangaroo, snake, shark, and Huntsman spider. The other difficult ones had to be the Yeti costumes.

Which was the easiest to create? The easiest were the matadors I bought sweatshirts and leggings and hot glued rhinestones to them. Just burnt fingers from the glue and some time.

I hope they let you do it forever. Is there any pushback yet? Please say no.  Last year the quadruplets turned 12 and they wanted to make their own. It was pretty crazy what they came up with just out of boxes… I helped with the two eyes, but the rest of the concept was all them. This year I’m not sure what they will be if anything… they have reached an age of 13 where a Halloween party with friends is what they look forward to…. but I doubt they resist dressing up. Thank goodness for my younger two that have already started throwing out ideas.

Any clues for this years? Are you going all out, even though Halloween has been canceled in some places across the country? I have a few ideas for the little boys who are 2 and 4 this year. I try to do costumes that are fun and warm. This year we might just meet up in a parking lot with friends and do our own truck or treat. I love things I can sculpt on them using stuffing or bent wire. Bugs always comes up, superhero’s ( I could do my own take on this), I sure animals like a norwhale, alpaca, or a bird.  I love old Disney ideas… like tweedle dum and Tweedle dee, Wall-e and Eva, anything Tim Burton I adore. 

Which have been your personal favorites? Some of my favorite costumes have been the Moths, Yeti’s, Owls, Talented Mr. Fox and friends. And of course the Wild Things.  

Do you ever dress up with them? I don’t dress up with them because I barely finish right before truck or treating…I’m exhausted so I just love taking the pictures.

Thanks for sharing insight on these awesome halloween costumes. We’ll be watching for the 2020 one to drop! Until then, we’ll enjoy these pictures! x Summer