Anna Cottrell—Honorary Girl with Glasses.


Hi guys!  Anna of Tulip Louise here, and I too am a girl with glasses!  You might wonder how I came to be so lucky, but it wasn’t always this way…

tom ford glasses, via mertins // sundress, via forever 21 // handbag, michael kors

Most of my family consists of cute little four eyes {even my nieces + nephews!}, and I was totally “cursed” with 20×20.  As a little girl I wanted glasses so desperately that I would even try to rig the system, so I could get a set of my very own.  {tsktsk}  My motto when it comes to accessories is always “more is more,” so my sights were set on specs.  {Get it?}  Anyway—my dream recently came true and I’m now the proud owner of a cute tortoise pair à la Tom Ford.  Success.

Thank you to Brooke + Summer for inviting me to this fun party!  Aren’t we lucky?


Anna xx

Sidebar:  Aside from the obvious cute factor, aren’t glasses the best way to cover up those no-makeup days?  Bliss!


Heather Fancy:

Love those glasses! Tortoise and Tom Ford…you can’t go wrong! When I was little, I would stare at the sun, just hoping to “ruin” my eyes enough to need glasses. Goodness! I guess my big plan worked.


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