Alex Noiret is Highly Sensitive!

The first time I met Alex, I had hired her for an editorial shoot when I was the editor of ELIZA Magazine. I think she was only 16 at the time, but she was so cute and had a great vibe. With social media, it’s been easy to stay in touch, and follow along with her beautiful and thoughtful life. When Brooke and I decided to make these HSP shirts, we knew Alex would look adorable in it, and would appreciate the sentiment. There can be a lot of emotions when your highly sensitive, but it’s not something to be ashamed about. It’s something to be aware of, and with the struggles, come amazing, beautiful things. We asked Alex to tell us how she’s Highly Sensitive, and her thoughts on it.

“Being a highly sensitive person, I easily become overwhelmed with loud noises or large crowds, am often filled with anxiety and worry, tend to emotionally lead a yo-yo life of highs and lows and attach a lot of effort, thought and emotion (sometimes too much) to even the smallest of tasks and situations. All of this combined can be mentally taxing and draining. However, on the flip side, and as I’ve learned over time, being a highly sensitive person can be and is absolutely beautiful. I may overthink and over-analyze, but it’s because I am passionate, care deeply about others and want them to feel heard. I quickly pick up on emotions and because of this, I tend to easily understand, connect and empathize with others. I may be hyper-aware of my surroundings, like loud sounds and bright lights, but I also notice (and relish in!) beautiful detail, like flowers growing in cracks or hidden shadows and beams of sunlight. I may feel deep sadness easily as well…but it makes my joy that much more beautiful and raw. For a long time I noticed that there was a part of me that was very sensitive and in-tune with the world, but I always thought that I was just plain…”different” (and not in a cool “i’m so different!” kind of way. In a “I’m so lonely, why do I feel so…slightly different?” kind of way.) Understanding what it means to be a HSP and knowing that around 20% of the population identifies as HSP as well has opened a new door for me in understanding who I am. My sensitivity to the world is not weird or entirely cumbersome, but rather, it is quite possibly what I love most about myself. It’s tiring, but boy does it make for a rich, hearty, beautiful life.” 

To follow along with Alex’s life, check out her instagram. And these great pictures are taken by her handsome and talented husband Scotty Vance. Thank you for rockin our shirt, hard, and being an amazingly beautiful example of what HSP means. If you want a Highly Sensitive shirt, you can buy one here for $25!




Nada Manley:

Ooh I want to be an honorary GWG! LOL I need one of these shirts. Describes me perfectly. I think sensitivity is a blessing and a curse, and missing from so much of popular culture.


Nice t-shirt and images.


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