About The Girls

Brooke & Summer

Brooke and Summer are a new media happy ending: meeting on MySpace, being fans and supporters of each others’ work and growing into good friends. “We would send each other new blogs that we fancied, or new music that we couldn’t get enough of,” says Summer. “We are both traditional on some things and innovative on others,” adds Brooke. The girls’ paths have connected with The Girls With Glasses Show project, but it took very different ways to get there.

Brooke White

Brooke White, the quirky raspy-voiced blonde, spent a handful of years chasing the dream, writing songs, cutting hair in her bathroom and nannying twins, before she landed her big break when she finished in the top 5 on American Idol. Brooke has continued to pave her own path as a relevant independent artist in the entertainment industry releasing six albums and playing live in front of thousands since leaving the Idol stage. She had an opportunity to judge the Miss America Pageant and host on the red carpet for TV Guide. She’s also dabbled in acting, landing the lead role in two TV-movies to date, Change of Plans on FOX and Banner 4th of July on Hallmark Channel. Brooke and her husband Dave welcomed their first child, daughter London, in May of 2012. The one-time nanny has come full circle, loving the roll of a lifetime, now balancing her passions with motherhood. While her current focuses are on raising her daughter London and filming The Girls with Glasses Show, she has continued to find meaningful opportunities to incorporate her music. She recently made a collaboration record NEVER GROW UP, a collection of happy songs and lullabies with the sole purpose to raise money and awareness for Operation Underground Railroad, an important organization that rescues children from sex slavery and captures traffickers.

Summer Bellessa

At four years old, Summer Bellessa started her modeling career and by 17 had the opportunity to travel the world, working in fashion capitals that include: Paris, Hamburg, New York, Miami, London, and Tokyo. Summer had the pleasure of working with many brands, including Clairol, Sears, Target, Shiseido, Secret, Glamour, AT&T, and Vidal Sassoon. Those experiences as a model opened her eyes to the world outside her hometown of Chicago Heights, IL. Her metamorphosis from model into entrepreneur began as she effortlessly brought creative and talented people together to create ELIZA magazine, a fashion/lifestyle publication found in Barnes & Nobles across the country. Today, Summer creates content on many levels: as an art director for brands and magazines, as well as a producer and as an actress.  You can watch her in found footage thriller, Amber Alert, or opening case 25 on Deal or No Deal. Her crowning creation has been her family. With husband, Kerry Bellessa, they raise their two loving and rambunctious boys, Rockwell and Phoenix. Summer has a brilliant ability to bring motherhood and stylish living under one roof. In her clever heartwarming post found on Babble.com, she allowed her 4 year old Rockwell dress her for a whole week. “Toddler Stylist” went viral, leading her to be featured on the today show, the view, buzzfeed and even landed her a Ted talk.

The goal at the beginning was to create a show that could grow with us and our families, allowing us to be engaged moms while still enjoying a creative life, and hopefully inspiring other women to do the same.

The Perfect Combo

Brooke’s musical background and various creative endeavors have brought a complimentary fit to Summer’s extensive fashion and editorial talents, making them the perfect combo as The Girls with Glasses. Together the girls are finding momentum like never before, bringing fun, heart, humor, how-to and style to their weekly videos. They have been enlisted to bring their flair to brands such as HP, Johnson’s Baby, General Mills, Del Monte,  Carnival, Mueller, Method, Ancestry.com, Boden Clothing and beyond. They have appeared as guests on The Steve Harvey Show as well as HSN. Brooke and Summer were also style contributors on Disney’s popular site Babble.com. They’ve filmed multiple original series for Ulive.com, a site created by Scripps Network.  Additionally, they’ve had the opportunity to make original content on the Design Network. However, the place that they call home is YouTube, where they’ve created an extensive collection of videos ranging from DIY’s, parodies, music videos, Fashion & Beauty Tips, travel, Home Decor and parenting. Since having children they have discovered motherhood to be a large source of their inspiration and provides them with so many opportunities to be creative in that role. That natural evolution has brought them to what the show is now, a lifestyle variety show for the modern mom. The goal at the beginning was to create a show that could grow with them and their families, allowing them to be engaged moms while still enjoying a creative life and hopefully inspiring other women to do the same.

The Breakdown

Brooke White

  • Lives: LA, California
  • Fav Food: Eggs Benedict
  • Kids: Londy Loo and Sonny!
  • Fav Album: Carole King Tapestry
  • Fav Movie: Mary Poppins
  • Quirks: Makes bed everyday even in hotels, never seen Star Wars, unsymmetrical nostrils

Summer Bellessa

  • Lives: Lake Arrowhead & Arizona
  • Fav Food: Cremé Bruleé
  • Kids: Rockwell, Phoenix, & Nova!
  • Fav Album: Joni Mitchell Hits
  • Fav Movie: Charade
  • Quirks: Ice Cream for Breakfast has been to 18 countries, and collects wigs, yes, wigs.