5 Tips For Crying Babies

We are excited to share 5 of our colic tips. This video is sponsored by Philips Avent Anti-Colic bottle, but before we get to the tips…

  1. What is Colic? Colic is when your baby has repeated bouts of excessive crying, when they’re otherwise healthy. It can be super common, and can leave us moms feeling helpless. In partnership with the Philips Avent Anti-colic bottle, we’re going to share 5 tips and tricks we’ve used, and feel free to fill the comments with what’s worked for you, because each child is different, and you don’t know when your crazy idea can help another momma!img_4675
    1. 1. Start with the bottle. If your baby is swallowing a lot of gas, changing the bottle can be a super easy solution. Whether it was pumped milk or formula, I found that not all bottles are created equal. There are specific bottles, like the Philips Avent Anti-colic bottle, that reduce the amount of air your baby ingests while feeding. There’s a valve integrated into the nipple that sends air away from baby’s tummy. This reduces air ingestion that can cause not just colic, but also gas, spit-up and burping. Since the valve is built-in, there are no extra parts to clean!


    1. img_46782. 5 S’s – swaddling your baby, side position, shushing noises (which I would sometimes find myself really getting into), swing, and soothe (we’re talking a bottle, pacifier or thumb). These are the next things I turn to and I do them on repeat.


    1. img_46763. I remember when Londy Loo hit the three week mark. That’s when all hell broke loose! The hell of colic and gas. Within a few days of enduring the never ending anguish and screaming of my sweet new baby my heart was broken for her and I was desperate to figure out what I could do to make her feel better and maintain my sanity. Burping breaks would sometimes help, and, what I like to call “elevator burps.” This burping technique is when you start patting at the lowest part of the back and make your way up to the top to work the gas bubble out. I also notice that a lighter to moderate pat (as opposed to a more aggressive pat), seems to work best for me.


    1. 4. One of the most unique things that worked for little Rockwell, was playing music and moving his legs for him, like he was running, jumping, riding a bike or dancing. The music is probably optional, but it made it more entertaining for me. Either way, the movement would help him get any gas out, stopped the crying and would sometimes get him to sleep!


    1. 5. Check your diet! When I tried everything else, a friend suggested I go dairy free, who wants to give up pizza and ice cream? Nobody, but when your baby is miserable you’ll do just about anything to make them feel better. After talking to my lactation consultant about it she confirmed that dairy could be the culprit. This seems like an extreme measure, but sure enough after a week or so of going dairy free, we noticed a significant difference. I was dairy free for the duration of our breastfeeding journey (8 months) and while it was challenging to give up some of my favorite things to eat, it was totally worth it to see my baby happy!


    When all said and done, what works for one baby might not work for another. In fact, what works for a little bit, might also change, and you have to find something else! The key is to keep trying different tricks and stay patient till you find out the secret to comforting your baby’s tummy! Please add any tips you have below, you never know what’s gonna work for the next momma. Thanks for watching, and thanks to Philips Avent Anti-Colic bottle for partnering with us on this video! And don’t forget to subscribe so you don’t miss any of our videos! Bye!

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