10 Reasons The Girls With Glasses Need a Vacation

Brooke and I have been working hard, even when our Instagram feeds are filled with pretty pictures of flittering through Disneyland, or lounging on massive swan pool floaties, we’re actually gainfully employed. Don’t get us wrong, we love what we do, and feel very blessed to get to do such a fun job with people that we really enjoy working with. BUT what you don’t see is hours upon hours of editing, early call times both by babies and film crews, prepping into the wee hours of the morning, countless emails, blog posts, Instagram’s, etc. It’s not all glamorous, and even if it’s enjoyable, it’s still tiring. Add onto our daily checklist: trying to be good wives, and good mothers, good friends and it’s a wonder we haven’t cracked. So when Carnival invited us to go on a cruise, we didn’t have to think too long about our answer. Here’s the 10 reasons we said “YES! Yes, we would like to go to there.”

10. We need to work on our tans. Have you seen how white we are? We always joke that we are having a contest to see who can be the palest, and we’re tied. If there was a gold medal we each would win, it’d probably be made of white gold. Laying by the pool has just made it to the top of our to-do list, and we’re ready to check it off.

9. To take a break from all the cooking we don’t do. It’s not about how many meals we actually make. Let’s be honest we aren’t cooking 3 meals, every day of the week, but we are worrying about cooking 3 meals, every day of the week. Then we stress out about how many meals we didn’t make, and how we should’ve, because we’re trying to save money and not eat out as much. Put all those worries, and kitchen pans out of your head, someone else is taking care of your family this week.

8. Because we always are looking for excuses to wear stripes and nautical inspired fashion. Is it weird that I’m excited to pack, or that I want to plan a fashion theme? Can I get some shorts with little anchors on them, or a blazer with gold buttons?

7. To blast the song “I’m on a boat” and mean it. Yes, the video is crazy inappropriate, and not at all what our vacay is going to be like, but it won’t stop us from saying/rapping “I’m on a boat” every few hours.

6. Instead of pinning pictures of boats and beaches, we should be on one. And that goes double for pictures of tropical islands and white sand beaches. Seriously, here’s the pinterest board I’ve had forever dedicated to the magical places I would like to go. Now lets actually go to some magical places.

5. Wanderlust isn’t just a movie with Jennifer Aniston, it’s real. Before I was married and a momma of two, my passport got a lot of action. Two months in Paris, three months in Tokyo, off to New York, and then screech, motherhood settled in. Brooke spent years on the road,  playing on stages and seeing the country, till she realized she could no longer do it with a baby in tow. Traveling with toddlers is a bit of a challenge, thus it dropped off the back burner completely. But cruising on a ship, that also has fun things for the little ones to do, seems like the perfect way to travel with the fam.

4. Wouldn’t there be something great about intermittent wifi? With satellites and growing technology, I hear you get the internet from anywhere on the ship, but as we travel to exotic places we’ll be forced to get out there and be computer free.

3. We’re kind of excited to trade in our Glitter Glasses for a Pair of Sunnies… temporarily! Don’t get us wrong, we are very serious about our glitter glasses and we are obsessed with them, with out them it just wouldn’t be the same. But those suckers aren’t comfy, glitter isn’t the softest on the nose bridge and around the ears. Yep glitter is pain, sparkly lovely pain. So we will give our faces a lil’ break and trade them out for a pair of sunglasses to shield our eyes from the sun! Though the gold glitters might make an appearance here and there.

2. Oh and we heard that there was a spa on this ship?! If this is true, we’re all aboard! I mean, usually, we’re not fancy, but we could really go for a fruity facial, and our heels could use a sea salt pedicure. And maybe while we’re at it we probably should get one of those seaweed body wraps that banishes all of our cellulite! ahoy!

1. To have FUN with our families!! Number one reason we want to go on vacation is spend some quality time with our families away from the day to day duties and distractions, having boatloads of FUN! We can hardly wait to say, Bon Voyage!

Now that the decision has been made to go, the only thing left is figuring out where we should vacation! Any ideas for us?

This post was created as part of our collaboration with Carnival. As always, all of the opinions, thoughts, and ideas in this post are our own.


Sarah H:

Um so exciting. And so deserved. Have the most fun wherever you go!


holidays are always a good idea…please tell me where I can get the glitter glasses..love them..?


they are DIYed! Hope to make a video on these soon! Stay tuned!


yay …. thank you

Rachel Scheer Hedge:

You ladies are awesome!! Your “I’m not Fancy” video brought smiles to our family during a time of loss. For a brief moment we were able to smile with joy knowing that our cousins and Aunties would have been giggling right along with us. Keep it up! We will be following.

The Sisters
Rachel, Laura & Hannah


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