How To Get Kate Middleton’s Style


Shirt available at Shabby Apple for $34 / Similar skirt available at Zara for $39.99 / Shoes available at Gap for $59.95

To see more looks, check out my full article on 7 Tips for Nabbing Kate Middleton’s Style over at Special thanks to: Breanne of Red Poppy Photo for taking all the stills, including the one above,  The Beauty Mark Girls, Courtney and Hillary, you gals made me look great, and to Alex Evjan, for being in the video with me and talking about Kate Middleton’s style, to my hubby Kerry Bellessa for always shooting our videos and never complaining about our crazy antics. You’re the best babe, and to the Arizona Cricket Association guys for taking a picture with me (Who knew Arizona had cricket players), and to the Western USA Cricket Company for lending us the equipment.







Seriously?! Summer – you’re one hot mama! All these looks are PERFECT!


Thanks Alyssa.

Heather Audrey Lapier:

What a great celebrity to cover for their fashion, Kate is so classic and graceful and a wonderful role model for all women and girls.


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