How To Be Happy

Brooke and I share a few things that make us happy. Sometimes you just have a bad day, and can’t stop being sad. It’s important to know what the things are in your life that make you happy. Brooke’s grandma calls them happy tools, and now so do I. What can always put you in a good mood?

A few of the clothing credits we have been getting asked about:

In the opening shot, Summer’s scarf is vintage, but her jeans can be purchased at the gem necklace is from The Shine Project. Summer’s twirling skirt is from Leanne Barlow, and the blouse is from Brooke’s dress at the beach is from LulaRoe. The red and pink pom poms for the lipstick scene are from Bando, Summer’s dress from the vacuum scene is LulaRoe, and Brooke’s gardening hat is from Lulu*s.



I just love this video! Watching it made me happy! And I love that you call them “happy tools,” I may just have to steal that for myself and make my own list! I have to say that I put off vacuuming, but when I actually do it, it does clear my head and help me feel rejuvenated! Btw, where is that “fresh and so clean” tee from? I loooove it!



Dancing like “thank goodness no ones watching” is a MUST

Miss K:

Just watching this video made me happy
Great suggestions.


I love those two colors of lipstick! What are they?

Heather Audrey Lapier:

I love it ladies! Sometimes you do just need something simple but special to your heart, to put a little extra pep in your step! Here are a few of my Happy Tools – a REALLY excellent cup of coffee, I like to just sit quietly and drink it. Doing nice things for others like writing a thank you card. Cooking something delicious and then eating it. Snuggling my little dog Charlie, he always knows just what I need.


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