How To Be a Good Friend?

Best Friends

First, you can buy our adorable shirts at Indie Nook. They’re cute. Second, watch our video below about being a good friend. It’s our longest video yet, but it was just super hard to cut down. A lot of good nuggets of insightful info (if we don’t say so ourselves). What do you think about friendship? What have you found that helps build solid friendships, and what are you looking for in a good friend? Comment and share with your friends!





First, those shirts are A.Dorable. Second, another awesome video here, really great thoughts on being a good friend. I feel like the topic of friendship is one that doesn’t get talked about as much as like spouse/partner/mom stuff so kudos to you two for bringing this to the table. I have a small group of friends that will be my best friends for life. We don’t all live in the same state, or city. We dont all see eachother all the time and we probably don’t talk as much as we should but I know that they will always be there for me just like I will be there for them. I think an important part of friendship is to realize and understand that long-time friendships do change over time and that it’s normal and ok for that to happen. My bestest friend and I have been friends for like 15 years now and as we grow and change as individuals, our friendship has changed as well. It’s not a negative change, it’s just change. To be able to adapt to that and be the best friend you can be no matter what major or minor changes life brings I think is super important. You gotta roll with it and I think any friendship that is true and genuine will remain meaningful after many years. I feel like I’m getting a little heavy for a Tuesday morning but I love this topic! I feel like there are things I could work on to be a better friend so thank you for the inspiration.

Heather Audrey Lapier:

Kelly, I totally agree with you, this topic does not get talked about enough but friendships take as much work as any of the other relationships you mentioned. I think they are equally as valuable too! I have never needed a lot of friends just a few really great friends but these relationships help to balance the other relationships in my life i.e. there are certain things I need to discuss with a girlfriend that my husband would never understand and having the ability to relate to someone about those topics makes me better in my marriage and the other way around.

There are definitely some areas I can improve to be a better friend but the one thing you ladies mentioned that really struck a cord with me, is not being afraid to extend friendship to someone just because you think it won’t work at first glance. If I am really honest, I think I am a little shy and have difficulty building new friendships but the times where I have stepped out of my comfort zone, I have been presently surprised. I am going to make more of an effort to create some new stronger relationships with some people in my life, that I may be keeping at a distance, because I am a little nervous.

Thanks for sharing!


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